Release date: 01/03/10 WebsiteMyspace Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip are back with another lyrically refreshing beat-heavy track in “Get Better”, leading up to the release of their second album The Logic of Chance. Following the huge success and popularity of their debut, a juxtaposition of Scroobius Pip’s spoken word, poetic like song-writing and Dan Le Sac’s bass-y beats, 'Get Better' is more of what we already know from the duo. Pip once again provides the politically inspired, and inspirational, lyrics - this time about improving yourself and making the best of your life - and Dan Le Sac impressively delivers another catchy, dance-y backdrop; both combining to great effect. The single, which comes with 4 remixes (including a dubstep effort for all ye Pimm’s drinkers), is released on March 1st and, with any luck, will grace our radio-waves much like Thou Shalt Always Kill did back in 2008. Bring on the album! Rating 8/10