Midnight, Dan Lissvik's second album under his given name, is a reference to when his recording sessions started after his wife and newborn baby went to bed. Recorded with a stripped back set up of an analogue graphic equalizer, a bass guitar and a mic, it mostly picks up where last year's Shuvit! EP left off.

Cuts like 'M,' 'D,' and 'G' touch on everything from dubby high-stepping disco to throbbing windmill funk while lead single 'N'--with its various layers of guitars, murky bass, ringing bells and Doppler-like effects--is a piece of low-key funky pop that comes closest to reflecting the settings it was recorded in.

There's a balmy late-night feel to the music, but the songs never feel fatigued or sluggish. The production is classy and the arrangements are meticulous, polished and reliable, but that reliability in a way turns out to be one of the biggest drawbacks for Lissvik. Nothing here really transcends nor even builds enough momentum to leave a lasting impression, but none of it prevents Midnight from being a subtly pleasing experience suitable for any time of day.