Release Date: A24/08/09 Dananananaykroyd’s latest single is everything you could ask for and more from the Scottish 6 piece, mellow guitar riffs that seamlessly blend into heavy drum driven romp’s of noise and violent outbursts of sheer enjoyment all layered over an expressive set of vocals. At just over 5 minutes long this rock masterpiece is exactly the sort of thing summer festivals were made for. At about 3:30 when it feels like everything the band has up it’s sleeve has been thrown at you in the form of an intense and skilful breakdown we are suddenly yet gently bought back to life through a beautifully uplifting and joyful riff reviving us just in time to cope with even more insanity in the form of another infectious rock and stabby bass rhythm. There’s such a sense of atmosphere and depth to the music mixed with a real aggressive edge that just compliments everything perfectly without ever feeling too forceful or fake. Put simply if you haven’t heard this yet then hurry up and download it and do as much as you can to get out there and hear this live, you won’t be disappointed. Rating: 10/10