Header image by Veronika Moore of Andy Halliday, Flash Bang Band

I love ending up on a support act’s press list because it gives me an excuse to wax lyrical over a new band rather than an old one. If you’re reading this, you know who Dananananaykroyd are and why they’re rad etc., but I doubt you’ll have heard of Brighton locals Flash Bang Band who made sure that this final Dananananaykroyd show wasn’t a cause for mourning. It’s always sad to see a band decide to quit, but hearing new talent on the same night is always a great encouragement.

We missed the first act because I thought I’d lost my wallet then found it in my pocket. Embarrassing but true, but we got there with enough time to catch all of Flash Bang Band’s set. Flash Bang Band make the sorta 90’s pop that makes you wish you were 13 again and playing Tony Hawks 2 on the N64 with your cap backwards and drinking milkshakes. It’s all about the funky basslines and the cliché lyrics that actually work and sound cool.

The only problem on the night was the crowd. As with a lot of support acts in venues like this there’s that weird invisible semi circle at the front of the stage that no one dares enter. It’s a strange phenomena.

But their set was ace and I think got to the static crowd in its own way. It wasn’t for lack of energy on stage either – the trio played as best and as energetic as they possibly could and looked like they had a lot of fun. I’d say keep your eyes peeled – if this lot go play near you, get smashed and have a dance. Or even better than that, go full on regression – drink panda pops, eat Smarties and jump about like a kid.

Dananananaykroyd were pretty damn rad too. I don’t really get on with their stuff on record, but they’re a primarily live band. After receiving a hug from Calum after the first song before their usual antics of getting everyone to duck down and jump up, it was clear why they’ll be missed. It’s that showmanship, the energy and pure sense of fun on stage. If Happy hardcore wasn’t already a (very different) thing then I’d call it that. It’s joyful to see.

Both front men, Calum and John, work the crowd so well and with such a sense of rushed excitement it’s hard not to get excited and join in. It’s hard to find that in a band so it’s always a pleasure to see when it happens, and few are better at it than these two.

After their finale of ‘The Wall Of Hugs’ (like the wall of death only, you guessed it, with hugs) and a brief encore which they’d never played together before (which is hard to believe; it was still pretty tight) they left for the last time in Brighton.

Dananananaykroyd will be sorely missed that’s for sure. But there will be new bands ready to take their mantle, and after tonight I think it’s fair to say Flash Bang Band have thrown their hat into the ring.