It seems that chamber folk has been the rage for a few years now, but Dark Dark Dark have taken it back to its roots, to Christopher Isherwood's Berlin, all dark accordions and accompanying drama. It's not difficult to imagine soldiers listening to this during the bleak interwar years.

Wild Go is an unpredictable album, where instruments sneak into songs when you least expect them to. Take the title track, for instance. It starts as a simple piano ballad, but layers of strings, choirs and accordions approach and then recede like musical tides. 'Say the Word' is what you get when you take Regina Spektor and sprinkle a hearty helping of melancholy.

If there is one misstep in the album, it is kept mercifully brief; the one song led by Marshall LaCourt just doesn't work. 'Heavy Heart' is a strangely dead song, what you would get if you took DnTel and removed anything that makes that project interesting.

Which brings us to the real attraction of the album, the star of the show. Nona Marie Invie's vocals. On first impression they seem grown from the greenhouse that produced Florence Welch or Regina Spektor, but with every listen you come to appreciate how much more plaintive her performance is, how free of artifice, how sincere. Don't miss it.