Label: Lucky Number Release date: 12/04/10 Website: The more I find myself immersed in a world of tweets, tumblrs and flickrs, it's becoming increasingly easier to spot waves of hype coming along. Long done the days of waiting a week for the next breathless missive from Kings Reach Tower; nowadays from the first flickers of excitement from box fresh PR pups to their journalistic friends, the word spreads in front of your very eyes on and on until by the end of the day, your heartily sick of the sight of whichever achingly cool band name that's the topic of the day. One outfit who seem to have been the subject of many days recently is Darwin Deez - a man in possession of all the ingredients for an indie cult hero (Ron Jeremy's 'tache, kevin keegans bubble perm, James Mercer's recorded output) due out on the NME tour any day now and in the middle of a gruelling two month tour that should knock any corners out of what is sure to be a rapturously received set of shows. Listening through the man's self-titled debut album however, there's a dark unspoken secret at hand - a truth that dare not speak its name among the achingly cool tweeteratti. See the thing is - it's all a little bit... well emporer's new clothes... see when you line this up to the likes of Built To Spill, The Shins and Pavement (bands who's influence looms large over proceedings here throughout) the tracks would fit seamlessly into any of their running order. What this signposts however is less of a rich seam of writing talent equal to their idols and peers, and more a knack of being able to simply rehash his favourite moments of the last few 20 years worth of indie rock. Well one of them. which he's repeated a good dozen times for the recording of what will be his soon to be debut album... See as even a mainstream popstrel like Ellie Goulding can tell you - living up to the breathless hype of the overexciteable is a hard trick to pull off and It's a genuine crime in lots of ways to see Deez fall so short of the mark like this - so hopelessly ill equipped with just these barely baked sketches for comfort in front of a glare of mainstream spotlights. It's not all doom and gloom though - there are some postives. I'm sure of it. yes oooh oooh - Har Mar Superstar had a moustache and bad hair and he interviewed me once at Reading festival for a mobile phone company's website. so that's good... right? So many times throughout the course of the record the songs blur into one another, indistinguishable from the next, a blur of synthy burbles and monotonous guitars. All underpinned with a vocal that I think was designed to say "languid cool" and ends up more "over doing the cold and flu medication". In honesty, disapointment doesn't even come close to describing the events of the 40 minutes so to try and demonstrate exactly what I'm talking about here I decided to take on the guise of the Deez's favourite mistress - Twitter - to conduct a quick track by track commentary in 140 character notes: #constellations: "twinke twinkle little star how i wonder what you are" he sings. sounds like those strokes b-sides from Is This It. #deepseadivers: chorus: "you're bringing me down". I have no words to top this as a review of this track #Thecity: handclaps... funky guitar riffs... still doesnt sound very excited by it all. #DNA: More handclaps. just a bit quicker. still sounds like Casablancas. but bunged up #thesuicidesong: *adopts randy jackson accent* yo listen man - its a bit pitchy dawg... not feeling it #Upintheclouds: do you have deja vu mrs lancaster? cos im getting it real bad right now #bedspace: i used to know a band called Bedspace. they were much better than this song #Thebombsong: no this is definitely the same song... isnt it?! *checks itunes* #radardetector: januty tempo change... panic over though - normality resumes. #badday: if nothing else there are some epically and ironically titled tracks on this album Ultimately As Mr Kipling or any other weekend baker will tell you, if you take something good out of the oven before it's ready your going to end up with little more than a floury puddle on the kitchen floor. While we have slightly more to show for it all here (marginally) there is indeed much work to be done if Deez is ever to scale the mountain of expectation he currently finds himself facing. Ben Mainwaring (PS - bonus point if you spotted the Groundhog day quote in there!) Photobucket