On his first post-Darkside project Become Alive, jazz-guitarist Dave Harrington strips away any remnants of "dance music" leftover from his former project in favor of retaining its spacier psychedelic elements and pushing them into more expansive places.

Despite working with nearly a dozen of his "favorite musicians and closest friends," including former Darkside partner Nicolas Jaar (who also co-produces), the music often makes use of little to no percussion and relies on textures and space for rhythm and movement.

Turning his attention classic jazz albums of the late '60s and early '70s for inspiration, Harrington creates music heavy on improvisation and atmosphere without feeling cluttered or ponderous. Those diverse influences mesh perfectly on the title-track, a nine-minute-plus prog-jazz workout where he lays down some truly impressive guitar work, firing off white hot melodic solos that gradually grow more frenetic and eventually interlock with a soaring sax as the rest of the band swells up around them, building and pushing a thrilling sense of tension to an appropriately climactic finish.

It's an astounding debut in which he demonstrates the discipline to shape his wildly creative visions into something not only thrilling and compelling, but also focused.