Buy: BeWrite or Amazon Richard Wink’s new book of poetry, ‘Dead End Road’ is almost a poetic, british version of the work of the artist Edward Hopper. These are stories and images of lives caught for a moment in stillness, where something momentous has just happened, or is about to happen. The writing is assured and intelligent, but the writer is using his skills to good effect, rather than trying to impress with word play and vocabulary, so for example Addicts looks at the tea that is drunk rather than at the more serious nature of the title, or The Pap considers the paparazzi living a good life from the money he makes, but his conscience can’t live with how he makes a living. In Student House Party students reflect on their past, but in The Stay at Home wife, the emptiness of this life is revealed in the sparest of words. There are no broad brush strokes here, but the characters in the poems are all carefully well drawn. These are stories of everyday life, from Family Dinner, to Civil Partners, or The Daughter, these are poems that could be happening in the life of your neighbours. The heartbreak of old age and infirmity is explored in After His Operation, and Alzheimers, whilst the plight of hairdressers is examined in Snip Snip. It is has been said that poetry is language in its best suit, well there is work here that could be going to a job interview.