Artist: Dead Man's Bones Release: Dead Man's Bones Out: Available Now! On: Werewolf Heart Buy: Rough Trade Website:Myspace Just what the world needs... Another Holywood star's musical vanity project, right? When I first came across this album, that was definitely my sentiment too, but actually, with the release of Dead Man's Bones' self titled debut record, Ryan Gosling has achieved what so many before him have not (I'm looking at you Scarlett, Johnny, Jared et al)... He's knocked together a more than credible album... Gosling and his fellow cohort Zach Shields have come up with something really special in Dead Man's Bones. Generally the prospect of a sinister concept record made in Hollywood that comes complete with children's choir on backing vocals would send alarm bells ringing but somehow this works. I grant you, the 30 second spoken word 'Intro' is a little bit OTT but sets the tone for the record well enough (quirky, dark and spooky). Although this is followed by probably the weakest track on the album ('Dead Hearts') things step up immediately after. What you'll find from tracks three through twelve is a really solid, scratchy and lo-fi sounding concept album. Tracks such as 'My Body's A Zombie For You', 'Pa Pa Power' and 'Lose Control' are all excellent and make the best use of a kids choir on record since Pink Floyd (with chanting and clapping)... Take a look at this video for 'In The Room Where You Sleep' by way of further supporting evidence... Although there are moments that the record threatens to descend it's way into 'Monster Mash' territory it never quite embraces outright silliness and to its credit manages to maintain its 'spookiness'. In fact rather than detracting from the end product, this quirky threat of 'Monster Mash' actually adds another endearing quality to this record. In 'Paper Ships' the band manage to achieve something really impressive... Gothic-do-wop... Seriously, I kid you not... This is genre defining stuff... But it's the album closer that best showcases Dead Man's Bones' ability to turn a tune with the brilliant 'Flowers Grow Out of My Grave' that has a chorus that will have you chanting along like a 12 year old choirboy (rather embarrassing for a 29 year old on a busy bus incidentally) yet it will still leave you wanting more. This is a truly unique album that really has caught me by surprise. All the constituent parts are there for this to be a real car crash yet Gosling and co have instead produced something of real depth and quality. You need to have this record on your halloween playlist, and quite probably end of year list too. Check it out. 9/10 Track to download: 'Flowers Grow Out of My Grave' Track to skip: 'Dead Hearts' Twitter Review: Ryan Gosling's vanity project? Hell no! This is much than that featuring Goth-Do-Wop singalong choruses and a kids choir on backing! What say you on this? Sound off in our Forum!