Photos by Sarah Ginn

Words by Chris Smout

Ahead of the release of their new album, London superclub Fabric played host to rock group Death In Vegas and judging by the crowd that had assembled, there is still a lot of love for this band despite the lack of new recordings for several years. So on a mild September evening, this latest performance of Richard Fearless and friends would be definite proof that there is still life in the band yet.

Kicking off their set saw the band starting in familiar territory, opening with firm favourites 'Leather and Girls' to welcome cheers. Needless to say, hearing these tracks again live rekindles the feeling you had listening to them the first time around – the stylistic, raw guitar drones backed with impressive drum solos, keyboards and vocals.


Having adequately set the mood, things quickly moved on to new material from Trans Love Energies, marked by a change in style for the band. Some tracks echo music from groups such as Depeche Mode or New Order, with tracks like 'Your Loft My Acid' making extensive use of synthesisers, drum machines and haunting female vocal samples as if to hark back to the 80s. Others build on their established brand of echo-heavy rock, almost heading into shoe-gazing territory while still making for compelling listening against a backdrop of lights and smoke.


Evolution, not revolution, is what Death In Vegas bring to the table. While they are still able to delight audiences with classics like 'Hands Around My Throat' or 'Death Threat', as they did towards the end of their set, it is a good to hear that the band are not content to just make another Contino Sessions and make something different that will fit a dance club in Hoxton as much as a rock gig in Camden. For a show such as this, Fabric is perhaps not the best venue suited to a full set up of instruments, but the band proved that they are still very capable playing live and delivering a great show.

With this, Death In Vegas have signalled loud and clear that they are back in town and their new music is well worth checking out for established fans and newcomers alike.