Yes, this band is called Death of Death of Discotheque. Their clumsy, unwieldy title (which I initially thought was a file naming mistake) is probably the worst thing about the group and should be disregarded. Musically DODOD produce the sort of dance music that both gets feet moving and mental cogs turning. A good reference point are Errors, DODOD never relent, hitting the listener with a wave of powerful synths, offbeat drums, tangy guitars and distorted vocals.

This is not a simple pleasant listen. DODOD demand your attention, sounds collide and contrast very rarely working in a perfect unison. This is a angular, sharp and abrasive record. This is part of the records strength, but also it's weakness. The rhythms are pounding enough to keep feet tapping, and whole album has a energy to it that's admirable. However, often the overlaying tune is so dissonant and difficult that the album become impossible to enjoy fully. The listener can't let themselves go to the beat because the vocals are just weird, or the guitars just clash with everything. DODOD therefore hang around in some sort of middling purgatory. Too fast paced, energetic and tiring to be a band one sits down to enjoy yet too complicated and subtle to be enjoyed in any primal sense.

While there are some successful elements here, the opening track 'Preset 3' is particularly strong, too often all the dissonant competing elements that are crammed into Count My Face ruin it. The band have too many ideas and too many competing elements in their music to ever really create a cohesive album. When it works it's brilliant but all too often everything collides and it all ends up being a little too much.