Just this Monday, my area was lucky enough to be the first to host Coldplay for their “Viva La Vida” tour. And when I say my area, that doesn’t mean me. Unfortunately, I’m one of the many college students who were not only too poor to pay for the ticket itself, but couldn’t even afford tax and ticketmaster charges! Coldplay must’ve felt sorry for us too, because to kick off their tour they released a free download of a new single track titled, “Death Will Never Conquer” on www.coldplay.com. So, for those of us who weren't lucky enough to be at the show, we were left downloading.

The track itself is simple. The lyrics, the music, the minute and sixteen seconds: simple. It is solely played by Chris Martin: his fingers pressing those keys, and his soulful voice singing of sweet death, heaven, and letting go.

It would’ve been a sweet hidden track to follow the track, “Death and All His Friends” on Coldplay’s new-ish album, Viva La Vida, but I for one am happy they surprised us fans and offered it as a free download. So, take up this opportunity if you haven’t already and download this short but sweet and simple track right here !!!!

First official music review on 405 under my belt, I'm over and out!

- M