So here it is. The seventh Deftones album, Koi No Yokan. Now due to the later publishing of this review, you may have read other reviews hailing the band for their refusal to buck modern musical trends and with the album instead keeping that classic Deftones sound that is a more than adequate addition to their discography and your CD collection.

If I try and write this review as the Deftones fan that I am, it's going to be a waste of time. It's Deftones for peat's sake, what do you expect from them? If you want to hear their sound evolved, go listen to Crosses or Team Sleep (Chino Moreno's different side projects).

The key to Deftones' sound always has been and always will be the battle between loud and quiet, soft and heavy, delicate and making your soul hurt. It's a technique that Moreno and co have down to a fine science. But because of this professionalism, the album looses some of the aggression that previous efforts exuded so unashamedly.

With high-end clean production and less of the lo-fi basement crawler feel, Moreno's vocals loose some of their unhinged serial killer vibe. Diamond Eyes started to hint at the bands departure from their broken radio aesthetic, but retained enough of the metaphorical static that you missed the odd cymbal, word or note making each new listen like learning a favourite book from cover to cover. Each of the older Deftones track was a discovery of sorts whilst you tried to keep up with Moreno’s anguished vocals.

When you listen the new album, everything's there already. Laid out on a plate there's no sense of interpretation, what you hear is what you get. Which, don't get me wrong, does make a pretty sounding album, but it's just not the same.

Tracks like 'Leathers' and 'Tempest' still stay stormy in amongst the polished arena rock of the album, and you could still say their closest sounding neighbours would be Tool. But as good as Swerve City sounds, it's too simplistic and ends up like a, admittedly really good, rock opera.

Deftones don't re-invent the wheel and I don't think they've even refined it. It's a kind of hexagon shape now; it works but not without a few wobbles.