The last time I was at The Barrowlands was when I was just a kid. I remember I was only 11 or 14 years old and I was there to see P.O.D with Il Nino supporting – It sucked.

Go back a year or two before and my very first experience with the Deftones was at the largest stadium venue in Glasgow, The S.E.C.C. Back then I remember the ambience and magic created simply by Abe Cunningham's slick, intricate snare and hi-hat beats from the intro to 'Digital Bath'. They were truly magical moments in my youth.

Fast-forward more than 10 years to a more tired, semi-health ridden (though still young, mind!) guy who is now reviewing shows, I was going into this show at The Barrowlands really not knowing what to expect from a band that I consider to be one of the most major influences in my life, at least in my youth.

The hall was absolutely packed, swathes of young teenage and 30-something die-hardcore fans packed in their thousands (2000+ to be exact) in one large ballroom. As the lights dimmed (Not that there was much light to begin with in the venue), the band came out and opened to 'Diamond Eyes' from the 2010 album of the same name.

What immediately hit me was that Deftones' front man Chino Moreno hasn't slowed down at all - he still performs like he did 10 years ago and his vocals still were raw as ever.

Stephen Carpenter's crushing guitar riffs absolutely kicked mine and the whole audience's collective asses as the bass of Sergio Vega and Abe Cunningham's bass drum beats created a synchronized tribal thunk of heaviness that I haven't witnessed since I was a kid.

As the band played on, playing from the newly released Koi No Yokan and a load of familiar oldies and trademark tunes, it really hit me that this band has never aged at all, still entertaining as ever but more importantly still sounding bigger and more ferocious than most young bands to date.

Back when I was younger (christ, I thought I’d never have to write that phrase for awhile yet!), Deftones' music and a lot of "nu-metal" or metal in general was pretty popular. Of course, them being "downgraded" from a stadium like the S.E.C.C to The Barrowlands was a pretty obvious signs of the times in what has become of the musical shift in popularity.

In saying that, I loved seeing the Deftones haven't changed and perform with an almost endless amount of energy. A part of me wishes the days of my youth were somewhat back with great bands like this being heralded to stadium heights again - but it doesn't matter when you hear the roar of the crowd and the electricity in the air of the excitement and elation the audience exuberates at just the presence of such a great band.