I only came across MidiMidis fairly recently, and had made my mind up to go and see them play at Carnivale, which is a fantastic little venue in Aldgate. However, looking after looking at their tour schedule this all went out of the window, because for one of their dates they were supporting Delays at the Relentless Garage, which was far good an opportunity to miss. MidiMidis are a kind of next-generation chiptune: they still use the 8-bit musician's tools of the trade, but layer this up with guitars and vocals, creating something that's not only more fun visually, but which you can happily listen to time and time again without wanting to chew your own ears off. (Don't get me wrong, I am a big chiptune fan, but it's best in small doses). Put quite simply, MidiMidis are amazing and were the perfect choice to open for Delays. It always upsets me when I see a really energetic band play to an un-energetic crowd, and sadly this was the case tonight - there were a decent number of people there early enough to watch MidiMidis but no-one really got going, despite the fact that the music was almost impossible not to dance to. I definitely want to hear more from these guys, and I'd love to see them play to a really up-beat crowd. Every time I see Delays they seem to play fewer tracks from Faded Seaside Glamour and You See Colours. Which isn't to say that their later stuff isn't as good, because it's fantastic. But it doesn't have the same heady nostalgia for me as those first two albums. Tonight's setlist was quite heavy on these albums, however, with tracks such as 'Wanderlust', 'Hideaway' 'Nearer Than Heaven' and 'Long Time Coming' acting as spurs of memory amongst later hits such as 'Girl's On Fire' (which opened the set, and which Greg sung a capella for a while as a member of the stage crew frantically tuned his guitar) and 'Friends Are False'. The main bulk of tonight's show, however, was dedicated to their latest album, the beautifully named Star Tiger, Star Ariel, which was released in June of this year. Star Tiger, Star Ariel is incredibly diverse, and tonight the band covered everything from the poundingly fast title track (as their first encore) through the wonderful electro-pop of 'Unsung', the more guitar-driven 'May 45' to the frankly incredible lighters-in-the-air moment of 'In Brilliant Sunshine', which is now my favourite song by them. Finishing their main set with a thunderous performance of 'Valentine', I assumed there wasn't going to be an encore as the chances of them topping that finish were slim, at best. But the crowd didn't share my thoughts, chanting the vocal line from the end of 'Valentine' until they returned to the stage, finishing the night (and the crowd) off with 'Star Tiger, Star Ariel', 'You And Me' (which turned into an incredible singalong and 'Earth Gave Me You' - the UK bonus track from their third album Everything's The Rush. I will never understand why Delays didn't get massive. I hope they still do - they've proved with Star Tiger, Star Ariel that their songwriting skills have only improved over the years, and they proved tonight that they still have the ability to capture a room full of people and take them somewhere wonderful for an hour or so. A fantastic night all round. MidiMidis: Delays: