Label: True Panther Release date: 07/06/10 Link: Myspace Remixers extraordinaire and darlings of the European dance scene, Spain’s Delorean have had lots to live up to with their fourth album venture, Subiza. And with expectations of critics, fans and contemporaries high, the release of their 2010 record could’ve gone one of three ways: great, decent or horribly disappointing. Luckily, for those well-versed in the Spanish four piece’s history and efforts, the group’s latest venture not only lives up to the hype, but showcases the band’s ability to evolve yet maintain, succeeding also in grabbing the attention of new listeners who may be unfamiliar with Delorean’s full discography (despite their knowledge of the band’s five-star remixing abilities). Opening with the familiar and instantly likeable 'Stay True', the album does just that by unabashedly maintaining the group’s legacy while embarking on a dreamlike journey that’s still fresh, new and fearlessly unique. Seamlessly transitioning from one track to another, Subiza manages to combine the feelings of ambience and excitement, as its energetic vibe gives way to something effortless and nonchalant – yet still earnest and interesting. Highlights of the record include tracks like 'Grow' (which will undoubtedly become a bonafide club anthem) and 'Simple Graces' (boasting a fast tempo and the group’s typical coolness), as well as 'Come Wanderer' which evokes the spirit of 90’s dance without the cheese or emptiness present in the classics. Already named as one of the year’s best musical efforts, Delorean has caught and maintained the attention of listeners both old and new by making the dance genre seem far less intimidating than it’s appeared to be. Proving that music can be fun while boasting substance and relevance, Subiza will undoubtedly hold its own throughout 2010, as future acts and fellow contemporaries look to it with respect and for inspiration. Photobucket