Label: Kitsune Release date: 31/08/09 Website: Manchester has a certain pedigree when it comes to making rock music you can rave to. Factory Records and the heady days of the Hacienda have a lot to do with it, and any new-on-the-scene indie-rave band could do a lot worse than take a leaf or two out of Factory’s book. New Mancs on the block, Delphic, have done just that. From their refusal to write radio-friendly records, to the minimalist font they use on their MySpace page, everything Delphic do bears the mark of the early years of that illustrious Manchester scene. I say early years because, sonically, Delphic are less Madchester, more mid-eighties New Order. New single ‘This Momentary’ is a case in point. The single may have a naughties sheen to it, but, driven by a Brotherhood-esque pummelling bassline and reverb-drenched vocal hooks, its fundamentals are firmly rooted in the eighties. New Order is no bad place to start, but hopefully subsequent singles will reveal the band’s own sound a little bit more. Delphic don’t have a Hacienda equivalent, but they do organise their own illegal raves and, based on ‘This Momentary’, these Manchester boys know a thing or two about dance music. The track is perfectly paced, with dreamy synthesisers and syncopated hi-hat building up to the moment when, in a flutter of arpeggiated synths, the full beat kicks in for the euphoric chorus. While the track is a little on the predictable side after this point, there’s no doubt it will get the ravers raving. Given the combination of indie and dance music that Delphic embrace, comparisons with Klaxons are perhaps inevitable, but Delphic are a darker, more brooding proposition than the nu-ravers. If they can avoid being a simple New Order clone then their prospects are bright. Definitely a band to look out for. Rating: 7/10