Label: Warner Music Release date: 26/10/09 Website: Official Myspace People that know me quite well know how much I despise folk music and how badly bearded singsters in check shirt give me the creeps. That’s why I thought that reviewing the new Devendra Banhart single, Baby, would be a challenge for me and my snobbish darkish post-everything-ish music tastes. Still, I got totally blown away by the warm fuzziness and cheerfulness of this track. Dev celebrates his debut under the music giant Warner Bros with a paradoxical back to the basics of Cripple Crow - but revised with a chilli pop twist, that might sound “too mainstream” to the aficionados of the freak folk kingpin, but that will certainly gain him many praises and many more fans. And that’s definitely more accessible and more “friendly” than the pretentious Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. 'Baby' is the perfect soundtrack for those slow mornings under the duvet with someone special - “early morning, you’re so funny, you crack me up, you crack me up”. It’s an hymn to genuine feelings and simplicity, without being pathetic or, on the other extreme, obnoxious. And the B-side '16th & Valencia Roxy Music' is an unexpected party starter, with those guitar riffs almost 80s, almost New Order-esque. But DevBan stays true to himself, dude has got the beard back and is not going to have it shaved any soon. Only, he’s evolving towards something pleasantly new and different from that hippy freak he’s been known for. I just can’t wait for his new album. And I already bought my ticket for his London gig in December. And I’m sure I won’t be the only one in black eyeshadow and Doc Martens there. What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!