Label: WeePOP! Release date: Out now! Website: If the name ‘Dexter Poindexter’ conjures up sickly images of a skinny twee-as-can-be nerd with thick glasses and pictures of himself dressed as a pumpkin on his Myspace, you’d be spot on. But don’t let that defer you. The music is a lot better than it sounds. Dexter Poindexter aka Tommy Komorowski hails from Illinois, and from what the all-powerful Google machine tells me, he is still a fairly fresh and undiscovered talent. The Adventure is a fitting title for this EP. When I listen to it, I immediately visualize an 80’s style montage of all things fun. Frisbee on a beach, a hundred smiling faces, driving in the sun with the windows rolled down and Dexter Poindexter as the soundtrack. It’s feel-good music of the purest variety with the same relaxing vibe as The Shins and upbeat elements of jangle pop. Some of the songs even remind me of an infant Belle and Sebastian, but that might be pushing thins a bit. Either way, Tommy Komorowski is a songwriter with far more depth and sincerity than his tongue-in-cheek alias may suggest. The songs are compiled mostly of quaint piano riffs, clean guitar, and the occasional glockenspiel and accordion. It’s hard for me to pin point a favourite song on the album. I enjoy all of them, but it’s lacking a “sore thumb”, there isn’t a track that sticks out as stronger than the others. That could either be because they’re all consistently good, or there isn’t enough diversity amongst them. However, do enjoy the chorus of ‘Cape Tribulation’, which is imported directly from the 50’s! Dexter Poindexter may not explore a great musical diversity or draw on inspiration from all corners of the globe, but in their own right, they’re an excellent collection of songs. Well written, poetic lyrics, lovely melodies and harmonies. I hope to hear more from him in the future. Rating: 8/10 MP3: Dexter Poindexter - Total Disaster