I wrote a review for this. Honest. But it seemed to go against the spirit of things, because really, there are only two things you need to know about I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, second full-length from Nashville's Diarrhea Planet, these being:

  • 1. Guitars.
  • 2. Fuckin' A.

Far as I can tell, one should come out of this record:

  • 1. Grinning like a lush at a lock-in.
  • 2. Throwing the absurd shapes of a person debased and disconnected from any sense of embarrassment or self-restraint, regardless of location (station platform, supermarket, desk etc.).
  • 3. Feeling (against every indication to the contrary) like one of the O.G.s in 'Emmett's Vision'.

So. Long live Diarrhea Planet. And long live everyone I know.