Dirty Pretty Things, Astoria 2, 20th December 2008 So the final song for Carl Barat, Didz Hammond, Gary Powell and Anthony Rossomando has been sung. Amid the gentle sighs and rumours of a possible Pete Doherty sighting outside I couldn't help but feel a little upset that this would be the first and last time I would ever see Dirty Pretty Things together. Upon entering and seeing a poster that said 'After Party...DJ set with Carl Barat just hang around after!' I felt a bit better. As you would expect, DPT planned to play almost every song they had wrote in this gig. With a setlist spanning an hour and a half without a break the anticipation of the entire crowd could barely be contained. A strange man with a camera walked about the entire venue asking people what they thought of DPT and gathering comments for what I could only presume would be a 'Farewell' video. After a few rather overpriced cans of Carlsberg, The Paddingtons waddled on stage and blasted a 45 minute set of songs that sounded exactly the same to me. Not the greatest support DPT could have conjured for their last gig. When they did finally appear though, In all their indie glory (Hence all the young kids decked out in topman gear...) They were worth the painful and expensive wait. They seemed determined to enjoy the set and go out with a bang. From my perspective, crushed in the front two lines, it was a set full of charm. It had its ramshackle moments, as well as some musical delights. They crashed their way through most of their usual set list of with a delightful interlude of a few songs they’d rarely played live, or so I heard : Best Face, No Signal, No Battery and Blood on My Shoes. The encore included the epic Truth Begins (with Kieran Leonard on keyboards), BURMA, a trumpet interlude before Bang Bang You're Dead and finally finished with You Fucking Love it. At the end of this Didz flung himself into an emotional crowd and Carl threw his shirt and set list in the mix. Gary and Anthony also gave out signed memorabilia and DPT took their final bow, before leaving for the last ever time. After the show, band members dribbled out into the crowded bar, and did the rounds, talking to fans, saying their goodbyes and graciously accepting gifts. I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of any of them.