Buy: Amazon Never to be classed as predictable, or normal even, prog crazies Dirty Projectors new album Bitte Orca has been released on tape cassette. And why not. Tape is on the way back apparently. Bitte Orca is also their first release since joining the ever impressive roster of Domino Records. Dave Longstreth's Dirty Projectors create an intricacy that commands your full attention, if not Bitte Orca will pass you by, way way above your head. The complicated constructions fly about everywhere with tricky, mammoth melody lines. Temecula Sunrise's Wild Beasts-like vocal line is forever chasing the layered acoustic guitars but develops into something absolutely brilliant. The swooning chorus and constantly changes of pace somehow come together perfectly. The vocals are pieced into each almost awkwardly but wouldn't be better any other way. “I Can't Imagine Anything Better,” sings Amber Coffman perfectly on the cinematic meets hip-hop beats Stillness In The Move. And how right she is. The A Capella vocals on Useful Chamber precede an explosion of experimental heavy crashes taking the song in entirely a different direction to where you thought it would end up, but equally as impressive. Bitte Orca is as beautiful as it is experimental, a strange kind of beauty that infuses everything you can think of, genre upon genre upon genre, culture upon culture, electro with organic, into a record that sits almost alone in it's undiminished textures and complexity. Give it time and you'll soon be looking for your old tape deck and buying the tape edition of Bitte Orca. MP3: Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is The Move