Photobucket Label: Moshi Moshi Website: Beginning with a classic sine wave and 4/4 beat this slow burning track soon drops in the mildly burbling acid and plods its way along towards a delayed lead line that comes in just before the 3 minute mark. A little later we get the uplifting chord change and then…it’s all over bar the shouting, of which there is none. Whilst it does bring to mind the Neverending Story, bizarrely I don’t know where that came from, it builds without ever really going anywhere. It has got quite a nice mellow feel but I’d like to have seen a little more action over its 5 or so minute length. The next track ‘The Bund’ is a little more promising with some echoey vocal samples and an energetic opening theme that reminds me of those old school educational programmes I used to await with joy in science class. Then it brings in a pounding but very slow beat and continues the vocals with some vaguely ethnic chanting. This gets pepped up with some distorted and bit crunched synth and various fun sound effects like chimes and a fairly sonorous bell. Quite enjoyable but neither track really stands out as anything special. Rating: 5/10