In the year 2000 DJ Food, the former Coldcut offshoot now run on the whole by Strictly Kev, released Kaleidoscope. This was an album true to the DJ Food Jazz Brakes legacy of breaks and samples. My personal standout was 'The Break', which sampled balls breaking in a game of pool. Or snooker. Or maybe billiards. Either way, this track, and this album, was break-tastic.

The Search Engine isn't a break-tastic album. Instead it seems to be some sort of futuristic concept album. Excellent. That's exactly what we need. Another album set in the year 3000 or whatever. Nobody will ever beat Deltron 3030's effort so please just leave it.

As far as this sort of album goes it isn't a bad effort I suppose. It's nothing new though.Kaleidoscope made me expect DJ Food to push boundaries. I want to go into an album not knowing what to expect track-to-track. As soon as it becomes clear what this album is about though you can almost predict every track. 2012 has started with a big disappointment for me. Apart from the cover art. That's top notch.