Release date: 05/04/10 Website: Buy: Amazon When asked to describe their sound Edinburgh born four piece Django Django, who formed at art school in 2008, said they are an oddball pop band influenced by the sunshine sounds of Brian Wilson and the eclectic electro of Hot Chip and Devo. As impossible as it seems to be to describe their colourful jumble sale of a sound to someone who has never heard them, or indeed of them before, I'll try my best! Initial thoughts on opener 'WOR' strike instantly as the reimagining of a Tarantino movie soundtrack. The speed and momentous build up in the percussion that eventually breaks into infectious hand clapping, without being twee and irritating, holds its originality with the introduction of random sirens and short psychedelic interludes. Sparsely composed electrotype vocals sung in a folk like monotone decorate this surface nicely, though the track could easily stand alone without. Similarly 'Skies over Cairo' relies heavily upon drums and percussion to suck you into its vortex of synthsounds and Egyptian influenced keyboards and is entirely instrumental in comparison to its heavily musical, sparsely lyrical preceding track. I'm pretty confident from this infectious introduction that this band are one that will be very entertaining and intricately composed in a live setting and most definitely one to watch and listen for in the coming months. Photobucket