Label: Unsigned Website: Guildford’s Doctor Pop metaphorically manages to represent the imminent sound of the summer. They sum up the indifference and apathy, the never ending blanket of grey clouds that ruin caravan holidays on the North Norfolk Coast, and the sour face of a child who has just dropped their ice cream on the bleak barren shingle beach. The trio of songs on the Come Back Around EP recall the stain of pop rock that appeared on Graham Coxon’s Happiness in Magazines, uncomplicated melodic rock tunes that owe a lot to the likes of Weezer, Elvis Costello, The Cars and Guided by Voices. Which sounds relatively appealing, doesn’t it? Trouble is, each song becomes wearisome by the time your kettle boils. ‘Come Back Around’ droops, a passed its sell by date mayonnaise malaise of “Wo-wo-woah-oh’s” over flat tortoise rocking guitars. The lead vocalist sounds like he is suffering from a nasty case of strep throat. ‘Little Butterflies’ attempts to be heartfelt, but is dreary and unwanted like the moth you found fluttering in your antique wardrobe that left your pristine silk shirts holey and disgraced. ‘Fuel to Our Fire’ rounds things off with a bloated guffload of goofy, depressing bedroom rock. Woefully empty and lacking any discernable heart or groove. 39 minutes ago from the web one of the band members tweeted(?) on twitter that they can’t stop listening to the new tunes the band has recently composed. Fingers crossed those songs will be infinitely better than what is on this EP. Giving Doctor Pop the benefit of the doubt, perhaps this was a misguided rushed effort, where quality control went out of the window as the band got caught up in the excitement of releasing their music into the wild. Simply put it’s a write-off. Rating: 4/10