Whether you love them of hate them it is inconceivable to deny that Odd Future are now one of the biggest rap groups to ever grace the hip-hop stage. Their outrageous lyrical content, experimental beats and superhuman work ethic have cemented them as a group not to be underestimated, and with over ten records under their belt (from solo to collective projects) they have proved time and time again that they are an immensely talented group of young rappers who have brought the D.I.Y ethic and punk attitude back to hip-hop.

No Idols is the latest instalment from the Odd Future family, this time fronted by their local pot-head Domo Genesis and produced by the proficient west-coast veteran Alchemist. The brand new mixtape, which features verses from Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, SpaceGhostPurrp, Action Bronson, Prodigy, Vince Staples, Freddy Gibbs and Smoke DZA, is Domo's third solo project away from the rap collective and exhibits his growing rap talent as well as progression within his lyrical content, in which smoking weed takes a back seat. The increased ability of Genesis plus the impressive verses from his OF clan members and other fellow rappers is all rounded off sweetly with the sparkling production from Alchemist, who really delivers on the mix tape to give No Idols a new dimension that some of the Odd Future members' previous projects might have been lacking.

The mixtape is full of screeching guitars, bubbling electronic melodies and some classic hip hop drum patterns which create a calming aura throughout the whole project and something that differentiates No Idols to a lot of Odd Futures more devilish sounding sub-bass beats. This is no more apparent on songs like 'Prophecy' and 'Power Ballad', two of the highlights of the mixtape; both in production and rap flow, which sound like they could have been made by any number of rap superstars. Title track 'No Idols ft Tyler the Creator' and 'Gamebreaker ft Earl Sweatshirt' are the other two songs that really stand out among the rest with the glistening production shimmering around the deep voices of LA's OF scoundrels.

No Idols is a huge step up for Domo Genesis and should make sure that he is not forgotten among Odd Future's wealth of talent. He is definitely one of the better rappers among the group and all I can hope for is that fans don't get too caught up with what Tyler and Earl are trying to say and actually listen to Domo, because he has now successfully moved from being the resident stoner among OF, to possibly being their biggest talent.