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Donovan Blanc consists of Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab of late New Jersey fuzz-pop merchants Honeydrum. Having grown somewhat weary of constantly churning out EPs (they had 9 in total under their previous moniker), the duo decided to work on an altogether more summery release than anything they had done previously; a little less lo-fi and a little more jangly. This comes in the form of their self-titled debut LP released on Captured Tracks; the proverbial match made in heaven between label and artist. Donovan Blanc is as light and feathery to the touch as it is warm and cosy, rummaging through the best bits of East-Coast guitar-pop's back-catalogue.

The album is awash with '60s and '70s grooves that make could make any room feel over 25 degrees centigrade and sunny. You can almost smell the marijuana in the air on 'When You Believed Me', or feel the sand between your toes and the warm breeze on your face on 'Oh Donna'. 'Hungry A Long Time' is a relative anomaly as it's one of the faster paced moments on the album, oozing vibrant orange and yellow melodies from Real Estate-esque guitars. Black and Schwab's vocals are set slightly back in the mix, but chime together in a way that reminisces 'Sounds of Silence' era Simon and Garfunkel. While it may be little faster than the other tracks, 'Donovan Blanc' is not an album of surprises. It lulls you into a stoned sense of security by never changing the formula, instead focusing on a constant theme of comforting repose.

While this does give the album a coherent sound and direction, it can be hard to distinguish one track from the next. There is no standout tracks as such, rather each flows into the next almost unnoticeably. While lack of sonic diversity isn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes Donovan Blanc can leave you wanting something a little extra just to garnish the album with, like going to a BBQ without any ketchup. Nevertheless, this is an album built for days spent on the beach with our good friend Mr Sun and his loyal partner Ms Cold Beer. Donovan Blanc may lack a bit of originality, but when countered by a distinct lack of pretension like this it doesn't seem to matter.

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