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Doomsquad's new EP, Pageantry Suite, finds the sibling trio adopting a strong world-music feel into their psychedelic trance world. The EP features three brand new songs as well as instrumental versions of 'Apocalypso' and brilliant opening track, 'Two Way Mirror'.

Leading proceedings, 'Two-Way Mirror' is built around irresistible percussion which treads the line between Malian bands such as Tinariwen and the Haitian influences which were strongly present on Arcade Fire's Reflektor. As the track develops, guitars and synths sporadically fly about like lasers, while the two sets of vocals perfectly juxtapose each other. The female vocals are otherworldly and spaced out, whereas the male are very much of this world and spoken, reminiscent of James Murphy. The combination of the spoken word delivery with the percussion and occasional funky guitar lick, draws similarities to Speaking In Tongues-era Talking Heads.

'Apocalypso' is less organic and more synthesised than 'Two-Way Mirror' at first, but builds towards a percussive backdrop with an almost tropical flavour, accompanied throughout by more West-African style guitars. It's a considerably more relaxed affair, whilst keeping in perfectly with the sonic themes of the whole EP.

Finally, 'Ice Storm' slows the pace right down, introducing more electronics in the process. The synth line that comes in after a minute or so sounds as if it was lifted directly from Darkside's 'Golden Arrow'. As a result, the song has a deep house vibe to it and is by far the darkest of the three tracks. As it broods and builds towards its climax of howling vocals, you get the first real glimpse into Doomsquad as an electronic band, influenced by the deeper side of techno and house.

Despite the myriad similarities that Pageantry Suite brings to mind, these are merely influences that the band are willing to show. By embracing the music that they listen to, Doomsquad have created three engaging, fresh and hugely enjoyable songs. If they can keep developing these ideas, any album they release could be something special.

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