Release Date : May 5th, 2009 Website : I've heard a lot of hype around this band, but never actually got around to listening to them. Last year, all of the Wham City! (Baltimore's music collective) bands/performers toured on a two day sight and sound extravaganza. Double Dagger played the "feet" night of the tour because they get your feet moving. Man I sure look foolish for having not gone that night because Double Dagger alone would've been worth the price of admission. All I can say is I want to kiss the lead singer on his beautiful, bald head for giving me music I can be proud to tell my friends about. Its truly a shame on a criminal level that this band isn't more well known, but after being picked up by Thrill Jockey for their 4nd full length we'll be hearing a lot more of this band. Their one-two punch of bass and drums provide a solid foundation, but the frontman Nolen Strals tears it down to rubble. Just by listening to the recordings, you can tell this guy gives his all. You can hear him crowd-surfing and running out of breath on every song. Want even more proof? Pop Double Dagger into youtube and you'll find videos of warehouses full of sweaty kids having the time of their life to a soundtrack of four minute punk songs that have so much energy and anger that the only way you can't enjoy what you're watching, is if you don't like music. Living in the United States, its almost impossible to not talk on a daily basis about how disturbing our society has become due to poor leadership, our own disdain for others, and how we constantly feel helpless to get out of it. Some of Double Dagger's songs are about this. Punk rock. But others are about...typography and graphic design. Nerds. Whatever they are talking about, I believe in it. If you like the nerdiness of Shellac and the attitude of Fugazi, you owe it to yourself to give DD a listen. There's stuff here for everyone. You got your pretty intro to "Vivre Sans Temps Mort", then the vocals starts and its about facing your own mortality at various points through your life, then the rock starts. DD really gives me hope for angry intellectual music, along the same lines as Fucked Up has revitalized hardcore. Give Double Dagger a chance, they will be on your top albums of 2009. And see them live when they tour for More, but wear clothes you don't mind getting 100s of people's sweat on. Rating: 9/10