Label: Wool Recordings Release date: 26/04/10 Link: Myspace French act Double U releases his new album, Pineapple Dreams. It’s an entrancing and dream-like album, mixing influences from all over the place that at times can’t be pinpointed. Each piece of every song sounds lovingly handmade, perhaps lo-fi; it’s very deliberate and at times charmingly messy. It’s like a warm breeze coming through your door and taking a firm grasp of your hand, leading you through a tale of jangling guitars, drum machines, boy/girl vocals, occasionally accompanied by electronic blips. ‘I Made Up My Mind’ is a summery song, fashioned from catchy melodies and light backing vocals. Regardless of the fact it’s only the fourth track on the album, it’s the highlight of the whole record upon first listen. ‘Breathing in the Wind’ is beautifully haunting, with strings and echoed backing vocals, gentle words almost whispered over the landscape of collected sounds. Pineapple Dreams is dreamy and hazy, but still carries a massive amount of substance. Each play opens up a new corridor, a new aspect and a new atmosphere. It’s intriguing and each part of it shouldn’t necessarily work together but it’s wonderful that it does. ‘Ring Me’ is one of the more polished moments on the album, combining accessible melodies with gorgeously wistful arrangements. The whirring and the clicking on ‘The Wedding’ makes it increasingly interesting and builds up instruments to surround the thick layer of vocals. ‘Take the Bus’ is a wonderfully arranged song, combining more classical sounds with the scrapbook approach of percussion and electronic resonances littering the composition. Pineapple Dreams is a record that merits your full concentration, any less and you risk losing the little intricacies and aspects that make this album the remarkable selection of songs that it is. The arrangements are complex, even when the layers are stark, they still sound incredibly elaborate. It’s late night music at its best, it’s music to listen to in isolation where you can fully appreciate and grasp the concepts interwoven into the songs. Pineapple Dreams is well written, well executed and well worth repeated plays. There’s something emotive about this set of songs, a sadness veiled behind all the instrumentation. It’s perhaps what makes this album more poignant rather than simply an interesting chaos of various noises. Photobucket