Jez Williams and his band of Doves couldn't have been busier this year, headlining the Other Stage at Glastonbury and numerous others this year after releasing this year's Seldom Seen Kid. (A phrase that has surely been well over used this year, I agree, and I'm sorry.) Second single taken from return to form Kingdom Of Rust is Winter Hill and it sounds a helluva lot like the album title track. Winter Hill gets nowhere touching the heady heights of debut album Lost Souls, their crowning achievement in my eyes. Surely I can't be the only one yearning for a return to those days? Winter Hill and in fact Kingdom Of Rust sounds like they've gone all out to get the recognition they almost certainly deserve, only by not being very Doves. The song itself is by no means a shocker. The layered lead guitar parts work well, as does Williams' drone, it just sounds, well... a bit bland. It's not overly ambitious or adventurous, it's just safe. It's definitely likeable, as you'd expect, it just feels like they're still within themselves.