Go-Go Boots is Drive-By Truckers 9th studio album, so it should probably come as no surprise whatsoever that they know their way around a good country song, and there are some damn good songs on this record.

Songs like 'I Do Believe', 'Assholes' and the title track are southern fried Country/Soul gems and a perfect example of exactly why DBT have been around for so long; frankly, they write some fucking brilliant songs. However, what lets this album down is that songs like these are far too scarce.

Many of these songs were originally written during sessions for last years The Big To-Do and it just feels like maybe there was a reason a lot of these were left off of that record.

Too much of this album is sub-standard at times, even sounding unfinished, as if they ran out of ideas and just kept repeating the same melody over and over. 'The Fireplace Poker' is over eight minutes long but is just one big, long, boring verse, which is a shame because the subject matter (a preacher who bludgeons his wife with a fire poker) has potential for an incredible tale. Similarly 'Used To Be A Cop' drags on unremarkably for seven minutes and does very little to keep you interested. Meanwhile 'Ray's Automatic Weapon' is an attempt at a more indie rock sound but honestly just sounds soulless.

As I've already said though, when they get it right they have they ability to dazzle and this is never more evident than on the undoubted highlight 'Everybody Needs Love' which is a stunning collaboration of Country, Soul and even a little Pop. Everything from the vocal reach to the little guitar licks is wonderful and it just leaves you wishing that there was more songs of this calibre here.

Drive-By Truckers could have, and probably should have, culled this record into the first great EP of 2011. Unfortunately what we have instead is a fairly good album, but one that leaves you longing for the record that this could have been.