If ever there was a name written on all the lips of the music world, it would be this one. 20-year-old Kosovan-British singer/songwriter Dua Lipa has been enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity ever since the release of her debut track some seven months ago. Despite only having released three original tracks in that time, she's already enjoyed a highly successful UK tour including a sold out London show at the tiny Oslo venue in east London. Tonight, she's on her second headline London show at a comparatively larger venue (Heaven in Central London) and once again, it's packed to capacity.

Sharing management teams with Lana Del Rey, combined with her own unique, Tumblr-friendly, look has inevitably led to comparisons, but since branching out with 'New Love' (which sounds fantastic in a live setting, by the way) Lipa has been making it clear that she is her own woman and her own artist; no carbon copies here.

As mentioned earlier, 'New Love' - which in contrast to her later releases went somewhat under the radar - still sounds fresh with its drum-centric production and Lipa's deep, sultry voice (she can sing, there's no way anyone can deny that), but as a new artist, this means Lipa doesn't have much material that her growing fan base actually knows. The frustrating part about artists being launched through polls such as the BBC Sound of means artists have to rush to keep up with the demands of the live circuit. As expected, she's spent much of the last couple of years in the studio working on her sound and the results of those early sessions are starting to come to light. Early reactions from new tracks such as 'Muah' and 'Hotter Than Hell' suggest that she's on the right track but there's always room for refinement, which will no doubt come over time.

Her daring cover choices would make Lipa the best X Factor auditionee that never happened. Tackling Jamie xx's massive summer hit 'Good Times' and later, a mash-up of A$AP Rocky's 'LSD' and Vic Mensa's 'Down on my Luck' is another testament to her individuality as an artist. It's so refreshing to see pop artists trying new things and going against the norm because with a voice like Lipa's, it would have been easy to cover something from the usual crop of R&B/pop classics. Watching the audience go crazy for 'Be The One' (and its recent placement in a popular car commercial) leads me to believe there's still much life left in this record, despite things already shifting to the equally excellent 'Last Dance', which generates a surprisingly engaging reaction for such a new record.

Her stage presence is... fascinating. She commands the stage with such bravado and buoyancy, covering every inch of her platform while singing. You could almost be forgiven for thinking that she's been selling out shows her entire life. But her interaction with the audience between songs is a stark reminder that she's still only 20. Often lost for words, she asked the audience "How you guys feeling?" more times than needed to be said and when it came to "that" moment before the supposedly surprising encore, she simply walked off stage without uttering a word. It's a somewhat cut-throat experience in all honesty, but the ice will melt with an upcoming string of festival performances.

Despite this, Dua Lipa is the real deal. She's a true pop phenomenon in waiting. She's not quite there yet but there's definitely time. If tonight proved anything, it's that she has the ability to do it all. Greatness comes in time and Dua Lipa has all the time in the world.

Dua Lipa's new single 'Last Dance' is available now on iTunes. Upcoming live dates are available on Lipa's Facebook page.