Label: Pias Website: In 1996 Dub Pistols gave us their first single ‘There’s Gonna Be A Riot’, a wonderfully hard-edged sound that made us sit up and take notice. Thirteen years later and the latest single from Barry Ashworth’s consortium is the somewhat blandly-titled ‘I’m In Love’. But is the sound bland? No way! However, ‘I’m In Love’ might have the Dub Pistols label on it but it doesn’t feel quite like the same Dub Pistols of old. The rawness, the sharp, nervy edginess isn’t so obvious. This is – dare I say it – more mellow. But in a good way. The beautifully smooth vocals from Lindy Layton are, frankly, a far better performance than her 1990 Number 1 hit ‘Dub Be Good To Me’. The contribution from the horns is fantastic but slightly underplayed. What? Underplayed horns on Dub Pistols? That’s what I mean; they’ve changed since the good old, bad old days. Some might say they’ve grown up but I’m not so sure. Rodney P’s lyrical contribution adds a contradictory bit of rough which somehow enhances the lead vocal; the bass is pure magic (I dare you to listen to this and not tap your feet!) and the overall rhythm of the single is a package that will make you want to go and see Dub Pistols live. Again. Dub Pistols’ Love is Blind; this isn’t the work of a band who have grown up. Matured maybe, but grown up? I really don’t think so. Thirteen years on and Dub Pistols are still shooting from the hipsters. Rating: /10