Ducktails' Matt Mondanile knows how to enthuse a crowd: "It's Monday..! Monday! Monday night. Yeah!"

Newly signed to Domino Records and equipped with new songs from fifth album The Flower Lane, Mondanile - alongside backing from New Jersey's Big Troubles - brought to London's Lexington his particular brand of escapist, breezy 'hypnagogic pop', all on one particularly freezing (Monday) night.

Spectrals' Louis Oliver Jones had provided the night's support. Sans a backing band, Jones previewed new songs from his upcoming album; filling the venue with an immersive blend of 60s guitar and Hamilton Leithauser-like vocals.

Ducktails emerged shortly afterwards, opening with The Flower Lane's 'Ivy Covered House.' It set the mood for the evening; a mood that is best described as a sort of spaced out, dreamy bliss. 'Under Cover' followed on, a song which wouldn't be out of place on the opening credits of a summery 80s US cop show, due to its super smooth bassline and imperative 80s guitar solo.

Title track, 'The Flower Lane' continued to send all sense of consciousness packing. Mondanile sings 'Imagine all the people...' and it's like Lennon on holiday.

On 'Letter of Intent' Mondanile steps in for Madeline Follin of Cults, who provided the original vocals on The Flower Lane. The result is similarly as effervescent and it's sweetly sung.

With 'Timothy Shy,' the tempo increases as the piano kicks in. There's an extended guitar section as Alex Craig tears it up in a warped-cheque blue shirt (which matches the The Flower Lane's album artwork almost exactly).

As the encore ensued and 'Killin' the Vibe' commences, Mondanile introduces the band to the audience, before quickly disappearing from the stage. Ducktails won't be back to the UK anytime soon, but Mondanile will be back touring with other band Real Estate in May, where you can catch him at the Grizzly Bear curated ATP at Alexandra Palace.