What the hell is going on? You buy the debut album by a band who’ve shown some degree of promise and are sorely disappointed by a wholly lacklustre affair.  You rightly believe you have their measure then 2 years later…WTF?! Said outfit slaps you across the chops with a monster of a tune as a reminder that you know precisely funk all about them. Creeping through the speakers like Godzilla, it seems Duels have found their big red button and from out of their Sea of inspiration arises ‘Regeneration’. 


Remember how ‘Seven Nation Army’ was kind of hypnotic in its heavy, relentless pounding?  Well Regeneration-Zilla is like that.  Even the sonic guitar twitching throughout could well have been thrown in by JW himself. Meanwhile Jon Foulger’s creepy lyrics quiver over the crunching drumbeats, as if Arcade Fire’s Win Butler is being forced to vocalise at gun point.  The sweet female tones slipped in when the track strikes chorus o’clock gives the record enough of a lift to prevent it being bogged down too heavily into murky waters.


The fact that the same band who recorded ‘The bright lights and what I should have learned’ have laid down this behemoth is still staggering, but goes to show that White Lies are not the only band who have reinvented themselves this year.  So don’t fear the beast, reach for the big red button.


Rich Melvin