Label: Universal Music Ireland Release date: Out Now! Website: Duke Special's Peter Wilson seems to have so much potential but still isn't quite managing to fulfill it. On his debut album Songs From The Deep Forest songs like 'Freewheel', 'Everybody Wants A Little Something', 'Portrait', in fact most of the album was astonishingly good. Live he's even better, a faultless voice, a humble manner and everything you'd want in general. The main problem was the intimacy and magic of a live Duke Special isn't always replicated well enough on record. 'Sweet Sweet Kisses' is the first single from new album and marks a slight change in direction. 'Sweet Sweet Kisses' is a much more mainstream affair, it almost sounds as though it could end a theatre production, the bit when the audience are on their feet dancing and clapping along. It's definitely a fun song, only emphasised by the horns that will make you ba-ba-ba along. It's treading that line of sugary sweetness and nausea begins to kick in, but it's a harmless bit of fun. It will make you whistle it all day and drive you just slightly insane. His self-defined hobo-chic pop may require some patience but it usually ends up at you being charmed by it and while 'Sweet Sweet Kisses' may not be anywhere near say, 'Freewheel', it's still as endearing and innocent, if slightly annoying slice of drama-pop.