Dum Dum Girls never fail impress me with their nostalgic, retro noise pop and this EP is no exception. Like, their brilliant 2010 album, He Gets Me High, successfully encapsulates how it feels to be in love delivered in the form of 60's tinged, riot grrrl esque vocals and grungy, distorted guitars.

Dum Dum Girls prove that this isn't just a playlist of songs with no relevance that didn't make the album cut, but a perfect follow up to the album and a body of work with a specific interlinking subject. Their Smiths cover of 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' is also pretty special as they've really put their aforementioned signature style on it and the song really fits in with the theme of He Gets me High. Throughout this EP, leader singer, Dee Dee, bares her feelings via the intense lyrics, with the rest of the band providing the perfect back drop for this. This EP promises big things for the next album and demonstrates how well the girls work together as a band through its quality.