The dictionary definition of Duologue is "a dialogue or conversation between two people", it's also the name of a London quintet and could be said to understate their sound by a factor of, ooh 10 maybe.

Take opening track 'Get Out While You Can'. It starts with a blast of ear splitting electro feedback like they're searching for the right frequency before it starts twanging like a Duane Eddy b-side all topped off with a fine sprinkling of beeps and glitches for good measure. It sounds like a conversation between a whole crowd of people all with contrasting tastes in music. It's a real kitchen sink of a track and so on-trend it could have been styled by Gok Wan's personal shopper. When the vocals announce "I want a leader can't you see I'm lost" they sound like the voice of a generation, a generation cast adrift while those that went before pull up the ladders and let them fend for themselves. It's worth the entry fee on it's own.

'Get Out While You Ca'n could easily outshine it;s three brothers in arms with the other three tracks merely adopting it's template and ending up as pale imitations. Well that's clearly not the Duologue way. They eschew the soft option, the lazy option and present for the world to hear another three different, exciting, original tracks that defy categorisation or lazy pigeonholing.

With a bass so deep it'll loosen your teeth and towering vocals that'll make your knees tremble 'Racketeer' could leave you hospitalised. It sounds like Kasabian moving into the dubstep market. 'Marching Order's is a rousing rocker with a touch of psychedelia and final track 'Zeros' is a 21st century anthem which sounds like a classic the first time you hear it.

On the Duologue EP this mysterious London quintet let their music do the talking. Hold your breath world on the evidence of just four tracks we could have a unique talent on our hands here.