Dustin Wong’s second LP continues where 2010’s Infinite Love left off – highly competent, looped bedroom psychedelia with elements of space-funk, post-rock and traditional folk thrown in.  Just don’t try to listen to it all in one sitting.

There are no doubting Wong’s abilities with a Telecaster and an array of effects pedals. This is fluid, colourful music, delicately constructed with (half) the precision of a classical composer, albeit one schooled in the music of Mogwai and Brian Eno as opposed to Wagner and Vivaldi.


However, one can’t escape the feeling that for most, the Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine man offers little more than a mildly diverting rummage through the racks of a ‘muzak’ jumble sale. The journey Wong is attempting to take the listener on is over long before he puts down his guitar. I defy anyone, bar the staunchest guitar puritan, to make it past track ten without reaching for the stop button, or at least hovering above it for the remainder of the record.


This is really one piece of music, neatly divided into sixteen tracks. Thankfully, Wong eschews much of his innate pretentiousness this time around – his debut was a double concept album, each side offering the same opening but “different paths to the final codas” – though the necessity of such dividers is questionable when there is so little differentiation. If this were a popular BBC cooking competition and Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads a dessert, our greedy, bespectacled co-host would be imploring Chef Wong to add some texture, a tweal or biscuit perhaps, to break up the creamy mess.


If one wished to be cruel, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads could be described as inconsequential background music intended to stir mixed emotions, though guilty of obscuring any sort of emotional connection via its own competence. There’s nothing wrong with background music of course - Wong’s hero Eno made two groundbreaking albums off the stuff – but this is a record made by a clever guitar player for clever guitar players.  For everyone else, I fear it may be a little hard to digest.