Director: Ti West Release Date: 22 February Review by Paul Metcalf When Eli Roth burst onto the horror scene with Cabin Fever it was a bit like Marmite. Some people hated it, some loved it. I fit closer in with the loved it contingent. I found it a fun movie, especially if you watched it drunk. Yes, it lost the plot in the second half but it managed to regain itself and find its ending; which is why I had high hopes for Cabin Fever 2. Now it’s finally here can it live up to the original? The sequel begins right where it started off with Rider Strong having a nice little cameo to create a tenuous and unnecessary connection to the high school where the story will continue. If that was not enough of an introduction we also learn that water is being shipped from the contaminated lake to the school for the teenagers to consume. This further introduction is given to us using a nice cartoon introduction if not somewhat grotesque in its style. The school is preparing for prom so we are introduced to annoying teens trying to get dates for the big night. In a really bad attempt at trying to copy Superbad the teenagers try to be cool and stereotypical while becoming unfunny, annoying and worthy cannon fodder for the incoming infection that is about to hit them. In between the horrible acted scenes in the school we also find out what happened to Deputy Winston from the first movie. His scenes another failed attempt at comedy and the charm he showed in the original is not recreated even though the actor does have the ability when given a strong enough script. We can’t expect much from a straight-to-DVD movie but I’d argue we could expect slightly more from this. The acting is horrible and in the attempt to mimic the humour of more successful comedies there is no real character development. We are meant to just think that one kid is acting like Michael Cera, and the other is trying to be Jonah Hill. These actors do not have the charisma or ability to act like the latter two so are just a waste of screen space. One thing the Cabin Fever did well was comedy. Whether it was Bert shooting his gay squirrels or the mulleted kid suddenly flying into a kung fu act yelling “PANCAKES!” there was a humour there that complimented the horror element well. This movie does not find this balance. All the humour is forced and often in very bad taste. This sometimes can be well received in a horror movie but in this it fails. If the characters were more likable maybe the situations they find themselves in would be amusing but instead they just fall flat. As well as the comedy there is of course the horror in this movie. Again, comparing it to the original the virus was subtle at first and was easily hidden by the victim out of fear of their friends’ reactions, there is nothing subtle in this sequel. As the film moves into horror elements and the director decides we need blood, everybody starts puking it up. Anybody who has seen the original at this point questions why? We don’t need projectile blood vomit we should be seeing skin bleeding and signs of infection, what makes it hit so fast? The answer is of course the pace the movie wants to move in. This does not work well with an infection that is slowly eating away at the victim. This is not a monster stalking its prey; it’s a flesh eating virus. You want it to hit people quicker? Pour some acid over them at least. There is nothing subtle about this movie and that’s its fatal flaw. It’s believable that it was made with good intentions and could have been a good movie, but it fails miserably at this. All we are left with is a story that makes no sense, is not funny and if anything is only a stepping stone to another sequel that could provide a way better premise as this movie does give hints at what could be to come if it ever gets made. I will say one good thing about this movie though, it does manage to provide an entertaining soundtrack. Photobucket