Director: Sam Raimi Release Date: 26th October 2009 Review by Paul Metcalf Drag Me to Hell is the story of Christine Brown. When asked to make harsh decisions in her job as a loan officer she refuses to help an old women who is about to lose her home because she can’t afford to make the payments. The old woman curses Christine who finds her life becoming stranger as time rolls on and the curse takes hold. Through the help of a fortune teller she must try to rid herself of the curse or find herself dragged down to hell by the demon which is fulfilling the curse on her. This is definitely made for the more mainstream market. Fans of Evil Dead will recognise key devices but it is debatable if this is a good or bad thing as he also uses these devices in his Spider-Man movies to good effect. It feels familiar as the same old Raimi effects and nothing truly new. You would think with a bigger budget he could turn up the gore and make a movie that his fans truly want him to make. Being a Hollywood director now it is probably a hard thing for him to do and this movie is the middle ground between Evil Dead and a Spider-Man style blockbuster that the studios expect of one of their biggest directors. Alison Lohman plays Christine in a very confusing way. She begins the movie as a normal person just trying to get a promotion but ends the movie rather unlikable person who will do anything to get rid of a curse. Normally you see the character grow in strength and realise their frailties which have to be overcome. Justin Long lets his acting ability take a back seat as Christine’s boyfriend, playing the same character he’s portrayed in countless other movies. You wouldn’t miss him if he wasn’t there. The real strength comes from Lorna Raver’s as Mrs Ganush. She’s creepy and gross at the same time, exactly what we need to feel about this woman. This movie is a lot of fun and arguably a classic Raimi. For people who have missed Evil Dead it will be a welcome few hours to remember. Some more of the Evil Dead lore would have been welcome such as the Necronomicon and maybe make the demon more like the Deadites from the past movies. No, we don’t need Bruce Campbell to save the day but to make this movie an offshoot of the Evil Dead movies would have added more interesting. So yes, fans of horror this is a must see. Fans with a passing interest of horror come take a look at what Raimi can do and then go rent out the Evil Dead movies. Rating: 7/10