Label: Rough Trade Release date: 06/12/10 Link: Website I know you probably see Americana as not cool, but Rough Trade don’t, and they’re cooler than you. And they’re right to boot. While Country can be hideous, Americana twists it round to become some of the cooler shit that goes on. Americana is to Country what James Blake is to Bloody Beetroots. And Dylan LeBlanc is one of the best new Americana artists out there. And where better to start than ‘Low’? Maybe not the strongest, but certainly one of the easiest tracks off of his brilliant Pauper’s Field, it brings to mind what The Shins would have sounded like if they were raised in Mississippi. This isn’t full on Americana – it’s watered down a bit. There’s a simple drum beat, acoustic guitar and a pedal steel, the later being one of the most underrated instruments known to man. Everything in this song makes it one of the most interesting and different things to come out this year, simply by taking an unfashionable genre and making people appreciate it again. Photobucket