Ear PWR Release: 'Super Animal Bros III Out: 13th July Website: www.earpwr.com Buy: Amazon Ear Pwr are a boy girl duo from Baltimore comprising the fantastically named Devin Booze and regularly named Sarah Reynolds. They are unlike most of the Boy-Girl duos on the go just now though. They are not rock based like the White Stripes, they are not alt-folk like She and Him, hell, they are not even dancey pop like the Ting Tings. What they are is a strange blend of bastardised Disco/Electro/Synth pop. OK, first of all let's kick off and get the disclaimers out the way up front before anyone jumps down my throat... Full disclosure number 1: I am an indie kid. I like guitar based music. Synth Pop is not my bag. Full Disclosure number 2: I made the mistake in first listening to the album at 7.30am and that may have tainted my experience of the record. OK, so now that's out the way I think it's fair to say that this record is probably not best suited to being played at 7.30 in the morning unless you are yet to get to bed. The 'fun' / 'party' aspect of the record simply doesn't come across very well at that time of day without having flooded your body with some form of stimulant. I approached it with coffee, but this record possibly works better should you up the strength of your stimulant of choice and accessorise with glo-sticks and neon. The mish-mash of synth sequences, drum machine loops and bass runs are all peppered with quirky blips and beeps that make you want to hunt down the little shit who has his PSP turned up too loud only to realise you are actually inflicting this upon yourself. The intention of Super Animal Bros III is pretty simple really. There's one goal with it, to get people up and dancing and more generally to have a good time. However some tracks on here meander a little bit too far into the 'experimental' zone for my liking. 'Secret Stars' descends into almost Euro-trance DJ-Otzi-esque moments and I'm pretty sure the synth riff through 'Discover Your Colours' is the theme tune to Casualty with a weird electro beat running over the top. Hospital dramas... the music to dance to...? No, not really. And then there's the lyrics... well, oh my... Check 'Sparkley Sweater'. Yes, it is just that, a track about a sparkley sweater... WTF? By way of a sample track of what you are in for with the record here's the video of their single 'Future Eyes'. I think you get a pretty good idea of what the album holds from this. Despite all this, there are some tracks on the album that are actually not all bad. There are some catchy numbers on there and the better moments of Super Animal Bros III made me think of The Teenagers, Dan Deacon or even CSS (before they went bad). However in the main this album really disagreed with me. Maybe I'm stuck in my ways and not open to new things, but hell, I know what I like and I like what I know. This album was simply neither of these things and was more likely to make me want to attack people with their glow sticks than don my neon leotard and get dancing. Track To Download: Super Animal Bros III Track To Skip: 'Sparkley Sweater' Pigeonhole With: 'CSS', 'Dan Deacon' Twitter Review: Ear Pwr - Super Animal Bros III: 'Fun' based Disco/Electro/Synth Music to make you want to attack passers by with their Glo-sticks 2/10