East India Youth is electronic wizard William Doyle, who tonight at London's Sebright Arms raised the bar of 21st century live electronic music performance at the launch of his debut EP Hostel, the first release through the Quietus' new label, the Quietus Phonographic Corporation. This significant set displayed Doyle's variety and invention, without prior notice taking the audience on a sightseeing tour across vast electronic territories.

Taking to the stage, Doyle could be mistaken for someone who has been doing this for years; this is remarkably his debut London headline show. And, although this reviewer hasn't watched it much post-Christopher Eccelstone era, with a long chocolate-coloured trench coat, leather satchel, floppy fringe and air of humble confidence, Doyle could also be mistaken for Doctor Who. Seriously, BBC, snap this guy up, he looks the part. Anyway, let's stop this before it goes all 'TARDIS of sound'.

It is often the case that, unless significantly inebriated, live electronic music can become repetitive and uninteresting; the dudes on the stage with their laptops and gadgets having much more fun than the crowd. What East India Youth displays in this hour-long performance is almost the perfect gig formula, you are never given a moment to daydream or mechanically check your phone.

Gentle piano tinkering, waves of looping synths, Fuck Buttons-style atmospheric noise, synth pop romance and big-fish-little-fix-cardboard box techno all make an appearance in this all-encompassing set, which features tracks from Hostel along with what one would expect, or rather hope, makes up the next East India Youth release.

Doyle boasts the rare gift of a voice that sounds even better live than on record and this is particularly present on the initial high-pitched a capella of 'Looking for Someone' and the glorious chorus of 'Heaven, How Long'. Doyle mixes up his synth and MacBook fiddling by occasionally playing bass, adding further textures and depth to already mesmeric soundscapes.

The Quietus tweeted after the show: "Our midwife duties are over, & someone needs to step up to deal with genius toddler." And it is this, his next musical steps, which are truly exciting. With the world spread out before him and the possibility to take his talent down a wide range of musical realms, what East India Youth does next is an exciting prospect. For the moment though, you are highly advised to check out the East India Youth of now.