Venue: The Eden Project Support Bands: The Hours Date: 04/07/09 Not even the exhaustion of the longest drive of my life and a half hour of trudging through bogged down countryside, while squabbling with my companion about whether or not we were going the right way, could ruin the sight and eventual experience of one of the world's perfect pro-nature venues for a music event. The name 'Eden' became more and more apparent from sampling some nicely brewed ale, walking down the winding paths amongst the vegetation, witnessing ladies throw lavender at visitors and sitting on the grass slopes in front of the stage that was dwarfed by the colossal biomes. The place was pretty much a fantasy land, or as Tom Meighan put it: "Fuck me! It's like Tracey Island out there!" Meighan and the rest of the Leicester gang who form Kasabian stood at the center of the search lights and glowing architecture, sending pulses of rock and electronica throughout the gigantic crater in which the gig was set. Songs like 'The Doberman' and 'Fire' created the perfect atmosphere in this microcosm, deep in the ground, protected and hidden away from the rest of the world by its natural walls and organic shelter. The band with a nationwide live reputation claimed it all as their own, commanding the audience, making them move and chant as a colony. I soon found that it was even possible to enjoy this from the toilets, as they were right behind the stage, so even when my Grand Canyon bladder couldn't hold back the call of nature, I felt the vibrations of 'Cutt Off' and heard every moment of it. Who ever said you can't have fun in a porter-loo? The unique event continued to bring the best out of the Eden Project as the night darkened; The biomes were splashed with red, blue and purple light, searchlights swept the eco bowl and the music emboldened it as Kasabian finished on their routine of playing Candi Staton's 'You Got The Love', with the theme from The Terminator as a synth solo, transcending into 'LSF', which seemed to go on forever once Meighan conducted different parts of the audience to chant the backing vocals. It was surreal reaching the top of the Eden Project to leave via the Visitor Centre, to look back at the enormous eco system and see the small pocket of space in which the gig took place, and also the people in their numbers moving up the zig-zag paths, some trying to take cuts by running up through hedges, all the while the iconic biomes remained dominant. Keep an eye out for the mixtape from the road trip over there!