Most unoriginal bands try very hard at aping a particular sound or group, creating a monotonous album that does nothing new, and doesn't really try to. EDM on the other hand seem to be aping each of the biggest sounds in indie rock from the last 15 years all at once. This seems an banal thing to say, surely most modern indie rock bands take such influences, but with EDM these aren't just influences. Sounds and particular touches seem almost directly ripped from a huge variety of different bands. This makes more sense within context of the revival of the group from the dead by Daniel Burton. But despite the pedigree of this album EDM seem nothing if not heavily inspired by the recent trends in modern music.

Is this a bad thing? EDM have aped particularly well, and provided a nice mish-mash of their overt influences. It's nice to hear Arcade Fire-esque crescendo segway into a Pavement jangle. In addition to this it's not like EDM have really lacked any sort of creativity here, they have combined lots of different elements fairly successfully. There are some genuinely good songs here but all in all it lacks any distinguishing quality.

It could be said, all in all, that Indie Rock has run out of legs as an original genre. It's difficult to tell if EDM are copying people or just genuinely can't find a new sound to occupy. It's been a while since a real Indie-Rock band has made themselves known, and it's a shame to see another probably relegated to the scrap heap. EDM are a good group, and Night People is a good album, it's just not really good enough to stand out.