They kicked off their North American Tour in Seattle Washington on March 5th, and thank god their next stop was Vancouver, BC at the Media Club the evening after! Where do I begin but to utter a big fat WOW! I can't seem to stop thinking about how epic and phenomenal the show Efterklang put on last night with Peter Broderick... This was my first time at the media club for a concert, which is a great cozy little space of perfection for a concert like this. When I got home I thought that I couldn't let the performance slip without a review, the show was that electric. While waiting for Peter Broderick's solo performance, the crowd was mingling, chattering, drinking, and enjoying the "not raining just yet', Vancouver night. But once Peter Broderik took to the stage and was ready to go, silence befell the audience (well, half the audience. Those who wanted to keep bantering and chit-chatting missed out on an incredible performance). Folks, you can literally call Peter, "the one-man band." It was a such a unique spectacle to watch because how Broderick utilizes each instrument and moves from one to the other was, I say this plainly, so unique and unusually cool. His performance seemed effortless but full of strength and ardour. As far as instrumentals go, there was a violin, piano, keyboard, guitar, a whirly music tube, and at one point, a saw-shaped device; this, I found the most interesting. Broderick gives a stunning performance and his music (folk, acoustic, 'slash' classical) is a fascination in and of itself, especially live! (unfortunately I didn't have a camera on me, but you can check out some more of his live performance pictures on his MySpace) Now for the main act! The entire collective (Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer, Rune Fonesca Moelgaard, Thomas Kirirath Husmer, and Rasmus Stolberg) ... what a sweet bunch for the "sweet" people in the audience to watch. This eclectic musical group, joined on set with Peter Broderick, knows how to put on an unforgettable performance. It was an amalgamation of music and art! They were profuse in energy, which permeated from performer to friend(s) in the audience. And also, because the space was not that big, the intimacy of the night was sublime. Everything seemed in elevation where the the entire audience could enjoy the warm submersion into the melodies and harmonies of the music -  truly, the entire performance was bone chilling. And from one song to the next (Mirror Mirror, Caravan, Mirador...) the constant cycle of perpetual awe seemed to never stop, never end, and never failed to impress. I never wanted the curtain to fall... But eventually it did, as it eventually began to rain/snow as predicted by the weather man on the 6 o'clock news report. Both Efterklang and Peter Broderick are of unbelievable talent; creating new innovatie sounds, and where their music speaks for itself. So folks, go and check out the concert listings and see when this dynamic duo is coming your way! It's a show not to be missed and is worth every dollar, pound, euro, to the penny worth your money. And if you can't make it out, that's ok but I do highly recommend picking up their albums! Peter Broderick's "Home" is amazing and just purchase all three of Efterklang's albums and you're good. Good!