Release date: 01/02/10 Website: Myspace Right off the cuff, Egyptian Hip Hop, the new Mancunian darlings, get into a groovy rhythm with palm-mutes and synthethisers to spare. 'Wild human child', their brand new single, wears a deceptive funky intro, perhaps as deceptive as their name (“there's two lies in that title”, a certain Mr. Nelson Muntz would say) which gives way into what's pretty much a baggy song. But let's not get lost in cultural references nor think that the song is just another one from the bunch. This brand new single, paired with the adequate b-side (which is actually the other side of the Double A) 'Heavenly', is a bit of nostalgia from a band too young to have been influenced, so the only conclusion is that the musical past of their city seeped through (must be the drinking water). The elements are all there, including the obligatory “zoning out” instrumental pause (that never outstays its welcome and sure, there's a bit of typical Mancunian old school music (funky beat + guitars) in this “it will grow on you” single, but it's quite a solid, albeit small, step towards a good sound. Rating: 7/10